1. Secured Loan-Business

The product aims at providing financial assistance to small businesses like small traders, manufacturers, and other self-employed persons in MSE segment

2. Secured Loan – Dairy

Under this category, we provide finance for purchase of milch animals, construction and expansion of sheds and working capital for running dairies

3. Secured Loan – Others

This category mainly caters to those individuals who are in service and their main source of income is salary and the loan requirement is for renovation of the house which is self-occupied and other related purposes.

Other Salient features:
01 Eligibility The loan will be given to an individuals and proprietorships and partnerships. The spouses of borrowers will be joining as co- borrowers. In case property offered as security is in the name of any other family member of borrower like son/daughter, he/she will be joining as co-borrower
02 KYC compliance The applicants will be KYC Compliant and necessary Official Valid Documents (OVD) will be obtained.
03 Purpose The loans will be given for acquiring fixed assets and/or working capital. In cases of salaried employees, the same will be for renovation of residential unit.
04 Security The loan will be secured by equitable mortgage of residential house preferably self-occupied. The Loan to value (LTV) will be maximum to the extent of 60%.
05 LTV The Loan to value (LTV) will be maximum to the extent of 60%.
06 Repayment Period The normal repayment period will be up to 60 months to 72 months
07 Credit History The track records of all borrowers have to be satisfactory.
08 Loan Size The maximum loan size per case will not exceed Rs 30.00 lakh
09 Area of Operation The area of operation will be Delhi and National Capital Region
10 Repayment procedure The repayment of loan EMIs will be through ECS. However, some PDCs and security cheques will be obtained at the time of disbursement .
12 CIBIL Report retrieval fee Rs 50/- per instance